How to get started in Property Management

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FAQs from Landlords

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Why Lodge City Rentals?

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How do our property managers find so many tenants?

Our property managers field around 1400 enquiries per month. This makes it easier for us to find the best possible tenant for your property ensuring the property spends as little time as possible without a tenant.…‹ less

Selecting better tenants for your property

Our 5 step selection ensures we find the very best tenant for your property…more ›

Meet our Property Managers

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Your rent is safe with us

Each year we collect over $40,000,000 in rent for Hamilton landlords.…more ›

Property Managers

Once let, the property will be managed day to day by your property manager…more ›


Initial consideration of the factors affecting your property can keep unnecessary communication at a minimum. As specialist property managers we tailor our communication to each individual landlord.…more ›

The numbers tell the story

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Property Management Performance Guarantee

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Guide to Rent Arrears

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How we resolve tenant disputes

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Top 10 tips for adding value

Renovating a Hamilton property to realise the potential of the investment can be a lucrative way to unlock capital gains. Here are 10 areas that we’ve noticed have added good value without costing the earth.…more ›

Building your property portfolio

Should you at any point decide to restructure your property portfolio or simply update the values of your portfolio we can help…more ›

How we helped clients build their portfolios

Take a look at ways our property managers have assisted clients unlock the potential of their property investment.…more ›

How other investors have done it

Our feature property investors share their journey through the real estate market.…more ›