Starting out in property investment

The hardest step for all new residential property investors is the first one…more ›

The need to invest

As the population ages there will be more people who will draw on Government superannuation. With less people in the workforce paying taxes…more ›

Why invest in property?

We’ve summarised below why residential property makes a sound investment.…more ›

Why invest in Hamilton properties?

The key to property investment is to invest in growth markets such as Hamilton, where there is likely to be increased demand for property and an increasing demand to rent in the area.…more ›

Assessing residential investments

Real estate investment is a relative simple investment class to understand. There are two primary wealth creators from residential real estate investment. …‹ less

Building your property portfolio

Should you at any point decide to restructure your property portfolio or simply update the values of your portfolio we can help…more ›

How we helped clients build their portfolios

Take a look at ways our property managers have assisted clients unlock the potential of their property investment.…more ›

How other investors have done it

Our feature property investors share their journey through the real estate market.…more ›